Rory Boutilier

Data Analyst; Counsellor


Fees and Important Information

Counselling is billed at $60.00 per counselling hour; 55 minutes for counselling, and 5 minutes for clinical notes (both in-person and online). Services such as consultations, reports, and letter writing are billed at the same rate. Online sessions are conducted via Zoom. For additional information, such as insurance coverage, please check the FAQ page.

Online Appointments

Video appointments are available. If you wish to have video appointments, we meet in person for an initial appointment and to cover the informed consent form and intake assessment. After the initial appointment we will schedule video sessions. Here are a few tips to make your video sessions go as smooth as possible.

  1. Find a quiet, private location to attend your appointment. Public spaces such as libraries, bus rides, or lunch rooms at work are not confidential. Sitting in a room in your home such as the living room, bedroom, or at the kitchen table are good places to sit.
  2. Keep your camera steady and free from obstructions. Connecting through video sessions can be difficult, but by keeping your camera or device in a steady location such as on the table or in a holder can make things go smoothly. This also helps minimize 'wind noise' in our speakers.
  3. Minimize distractions for your appointment. You may wish to have a fan going for air circulation, but try to keep it pointed away from the microphone to avoid 'wind noises'. Please refrain from doing housework or other activities during your appointment.

My Counselling Approach

I view counselling as a collaborative process between the client and Counsellor, where we both work to achieve your goals and bring about the changes you want to see in your life. One of the first questions in counselling is 'What are you hoping to achieve in counselling?'. I use elements of client-centered, existential, psychodynamic, and solution-focused models of therapy. My approach is to help you reach the underlying cause of the issue you are facing, rather than only addressing symptoms at the surface. This helps to understand the source of the challenges you are facing, and then we can work toward accomplishing the goals you have for counselling.

If I had to describe my philosophy to counselling I would say 'change'. Change is an integral part of our lives and the ability to effectively cope with change is a challenge many people face. I work with clients to achieve the positive changes they want to see. Most clients I see struggle with stress, feeling stuck, decision-making, life transitions (e.g., graduating university and entering the workforce, moving out on their own for the first time), depression, anxiety, and self-injury. I provide services in-person and through video conferencing.

Audio Recordings
Counselling sessions are audio recorded for clinical and note-taking purposes. In addition to taking notes in session, audio recordings are used to aid in clinical note management and minimize interruptions. The audio recordings also allow the Counsellor and client to revisit previous sessions and discuss progress. Audio recordings are handled in an identical way to your counselling file and are not shared without your express written consent. Files are stored on a password-protected computer in a password-protected, encrypted file. For more information about the use and storage of your counselling file and session recordings, please contact